Zed Minerals - The House of Minerals

Zed Minerals is One of the Leading Exporters of a Wide Range of Minerals from Pakistan.

Zed Minerals is involved in the Mining, Processing and Exporting of Pakistan Grade Metallic and Non-Metallic Minerals from Pakistan to Worldwide destinations. Pakistan Minerals Company is constantly focusing on Improving Product Quality and Enhancing Production Efficiency. By controlling both Mining and Processing, we are able to better handle the Mineral Value Chain and Optimize Quality as per the needs of our Customers. Pakistan Minerals Company is a Complete Source of Natural Minerals from Pakistan with Huge Potential to provide Incomparable Supply, Cost Effectiveness, Prompt Delivery and Quality to our Customers.

Our Products

A Wide Range of Minerals








Supply Chain

Zed Minerals serves customers across Pakistan and the World.


Ready Stocks

Zed Minerals has partnered with its customers to help manage these supply chains and minimize supply chain costs while assuring timely delivery of Zed Minerals products. We strive to maintain ready stocks of all minerals in our warehouses at all times. Our inventory department strives to maintain Stocks of key minerals Like FeldsparKaolinClayBariteQuartzTalcGypsumDolomiteMicaSea Salt and Lime Stone at all times.



Zed Minerals has always focus on packaging process. Zed Minerals pack all minerals in high quality bags filled accurately to assure proper bag weights. We use only high quality pallets, and our loading staff is trained to assure that every pallet is straight and square. We know that broken bags and broken pallets cause problems in the supply chain. We work diligently to prevent breakage by bagging and palletizing. We always load the containers properly.


Zed Minerals with its customers and distributors in all aspects of logistics, to assure that the critical logistics portion of the supply chain works efficiently. We always work out for best container freight prices from dependable shipping lines and carriers on behalf of our customers. We have our own logistics support for transportation of containerized shipments from warehouse to loading port.